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Where Can You Get the Right Rubber Tracks for Your Equipment?

When it comes to protecting the blades of excavators and other earthmoving equipment, rubber tracks are essential accessories that you cannot ignore. Earthmoving and construction machinery are long-term investments and taking good care of them is the first step to realizing a dependable service from them.

rubber tracks

However, when selecting rubber tracks for heavy-duty excavators and mini earthmoving machines, you need to be careful to select the right type in terms of quality and functionality. Many companies now make rubber tracks for various applications. Besides, they originate from different countries including China, Japan, India, USA, and more. Manufacturers in different countries make their products to suit different applications and markets, resulting in varying prices for the products.

Differences in design and quality of materials used in the products play a big role in their overall functionality and durability. In some cases, differences in design have led to cord fractures in some brands of tracks. It is therefore necessary to identify a recognized supplier that uses quality materials in making the products. Premature failure in rubber tracks has been associated with poor recoil settings and failure by the manufacturer to meet new design standards.

In Australia, Fortus Group is a chief supplier of rubber pads and tracks that are convenient for a variety of applications. Their products are made of high quality materials that make them a favorite choice for many consumers in Australia and beyond. The tracks come with exceptional qualities that are rare in other brands such as:

·         High-strength steel cables: this ensures that the product delivers maximum strength and reduces downtime.

·         Core bars fitted to precision: this enables the product to deliver maximum strength

·         A wide range of tread patterns: this is important for improved traction and reduced surface damage

·         Cutting-edge quality rubber compounds to enhance flexibility and provide a greater wear resistance.

Since many suppliers are in the market, your level of choice will determine the quality of products you get. If you want to buy rubber tracks in Australia, avoid the cheapest brands in the market. While you should be careful not to deal with suppliers that overprice their products, it is a good idea to spend a little more on a good quality product that can meet your needs with ease.

Knowing the purpose of your equipment can also help you determine the right rubber track for it. Protecting the cutting blades of the equipment with the right tracks is a step forward to prolong the life of the machine as it gives you a dependable service. That is where maintenance also comes to the scene.

Maintain rubber tracks by keeping in the right place at all times and cleaning them regularly, removing mud and debris that may hinder proper functioning. Finally, if you wish to replace parts in your earthmoving equipment, buy from certified suppliers only.

 Getting different parts from different manufacturers and suppliers can affect fittings and quality of such products. Beware of suppliers that claim their products are the cheapest and the best in the market. No product can bear the two titles at the same time. If you want quality accessories that will give you lasting solutions, deal with a recognized supplier such as Fortus Group.

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How Do You Maintain Plastic Guttering?

Guttering is a common practice for rainwater harvesting from roofs and channeling of surface water. Plastic gutters are common in modern homes. It involves the installation of gutters made from corrugated plastic around the roof edges for water collection and channeling. The advantages of using plastic gutters include easy installation (because the materials are simple to join and light in weight), cheaper than metal gutter systems, easy to maintain, durability of the system even under harsh climatic conditions, flexibility, and the adaptability of plastic gutters to suit different homes. To get maximum services from plastic gutters, proper maintenance practices are required. Here are some of these practices.


Prevention of gutter blockage

Preventing gutter blockage is a crucial maintenance practice. Gutter blockages may prove expensive in the long-run because they may lead to leakages and water logging around a house. The following methods prevent gutter leakages.

i. Mesh installation on downpipes

Downpipes channel water at a ground level, to common tank or reservoir. Installing plastic caps fitted with a wire mesh helps in trapping dirt and hence preventing a blockage. Guttering systems with mesh wire have less blockages risks and are easy to maintain.

ii. Cleaning of down pipes

Proper cleaning of the downpipes is another important plastic gutter maintenance practice. Downpipes get blockages from debris and dirt particles that pass the guttering systems mesh. When cleaning a downpipe, do not push the dirt down as this might compact it causing a total blockage of the pipe. Instead, use a thin steel pipe or wire to disintegrate the dirt. This makes it simple to pass the debris through the pipe.

iii. Cleaning gutter blockage

Gutters get blocked by the collection of sand and leaves from the roof surface. Cleaning of the system is, therefore, important as the build-up dirt may cause a blockage. System blockage might in turn cause water leakage into inner and outer walls of the house. Plastic gutters should be cleaned by scooping the dirt off with a light tool, to avoid cracking the plastic.

Correction of sagged gutters

Sagged gutters are caused by overload of pipes especially during the heavy rain seasons and faulty screws or loose joints. Plastic gutter systems are slightly flexible compared to metallic ones. This is because they are made of pvc corrugated plastic sheeting material that is lightweight, bendable and flexible. However, checking excessive sagging of pipes is important to prevent breakage and cracks. Sagging can be corrected by changing pipes, provision of support and fixing of the faulty joints.

Cracks and joint leakages

Gutters made from pvc corrugated sheeting wear with time, especially if exposed to excessive temperatures. This causes cracks along the gutters. Checking for gutter cracks helps in prevention of possible leakages when the water is flowing. Cracks can be fixed by replacement of brackets and application of mastic sealer. Joint leakages are corrected by ensuring correct alignment of joints and replacement of gaskets if they are worn out.


Unlike the metallic gutters that rust, plastic gutters do not require painting as they do not rust. Plastic gutters come in different colors that blend with your home theme.

For more inquiries, just visit http://www.meridianbp.co.uk/index.php/our-products/rainwater-systems.html.

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Top Reasons to Consider Commercial Office Fit Outs

In the past, commercial office fit out Melbourne designs were mostly overlooked. The emphasis on the necessity and functionality superseded other aspects such as the quality and the aesthetics. But the thinking about how to properly fit out your workspaces has changed a lot in the recent years. Today offices are looking for greater organization in the workspaces as a requirement for delivering top quality service to customers. The perception is always that if your office is well fitted out, you are most likely offering top quality services in other areas.

office fit out melbourne

With the right commercial office fit out Melbourne designs, you will be able to create both efficiency as well as productivity in the workspace. These two factors are the most important in order to ensure the smooth and successful operation of your business. If you are dreaming of going big and out to cut a niche for yourself in the marketplace, then it is very important that you fit out the office to reflect your vision and perception of yourself.

Commercial fit outs offer users several advantages. Here are some of the main benefits that you will be able to derive when it comes to the commercial office fit out:

Create a Super-Vibrant and Welcoming Office

Nowadays, a lot of companies are looking for ways of sprucing up the office in order to create an exciting and inviting work environment. The old grey and dull walls are long gone and in their place are lots of vibrancy that makes the office space an exciting and pleasant place to work in. Such a nice atmosphere in the office will in turn influence the clients and the employees positively and you are able to create a happier working environment.

Studies have shown that adding decorative aspects to your office will generally improve the quality of work in the office. Employees are motivated to apply themselves and deliver the work quality and on the expectations that you have set through the office decorations. A good optimization and the design of the office layout will generally encourage a more positive business mindset and environment.

It is Good for High Staff Morale

This is another of those invisible benefits of having professional office fit outs in Melbourne. Based on the design aspects that you choose, you will be able to improve as well as maintain a high staff morale in the workplace environment.

There are numerous little things that you can add in order to make your employees feel extra special in the office. These include things such as flowers, plants, comfortable chairs, the open desk areas, the comfortable choices, and much more. By adding homely décor and comfort in the workplace environment, the employees are able to develop the motivation to deliver to the best of their ability.

With unrestrictive layout in the office, it is possible to encourage staff collaboration as well as teamwork in the workplace environment. The end result is that this contributes to the general productivity in the workplace environment. With the best commercial fit out Melbourne company, it is possible for you to create the right platform that will contribute to productivity and contribute generously to the staff morale at the workplace.

Good ergonomic management

This is another good reason to invest in the commercial furniture and office fit out Melbourne companies. They are able to introduce the concept of ergonomic in your office environment so that you can improve on the employee health as well as comfort for maximum productivity.

Look out for the commercial fit out companies that can understand your needs and make your office safe, comfortable and productivity.

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