A brief Look into Debt Collection Guidelines

Many people in debt think that debt collectors have the right to ask for their debts to be repaid in whichever method they choose. As much as their jobs entail following people up so that they can pay up, debtors also have the right to be treated humanely and professionally. In order to ensure that this happens, Australia has come up with debt collector guidelines which should be followed to ensure that harmony exists between debtors and debt collectors. These go a long way in making sure that the debts are paid without the debtors being harassed.

Debt Collector Guidelines

What should you do when you start being hassled?

Establish a plan to clear the debt: The debt collectors are following you up because you owe something. In order to get them off your back completely, you need to get a personalised debt action plan which will enable you to start paying off your debt slowly. When the debt collectors see that you are making an effort to rectify the situation, they will most definitely stop hassling pertaining to the money you owe.

Find out if the collector actions are legal: A great way to gain knowledge about a subject is to research and ask relevant parties questions. To know whether a debt collector is within the law, be sure to seek advice from the Consumer Action Law toll-free telephone line. The professionals on call are well aware of the Australia Debt Collector Guidelines and will explain to you what should and should not be done according to the law.

Detailed Record Keeping: In order to prove that you are being hassled, you need to keep a detailed record of all the communication that happens when you are contacted by debt collectors. Many hassling complaints are proven by use of the communication record. To make sure that all the details are captured, you should ensure that you note the name, date, time, and a brief description of what was discussed on the day the debt collector showed up.

How do you take action to stop being hassled?

Make a complaint: As a debtor, you have the right to complain about being hassled. As types of debts vary, it is advisable that you do your research and find out where exactly you are supposed to submit your complaint to in order for the complaint to be effective.

Write a letter asking them to stop all contact: With the help of your lawyer or financial counselor, you can write a letter asking the debt collection agency to stop harassing you. However, this can only be done if you have a personalised debt action plan which you intend to follow to the latter.

Ask collection agency to use only certain communication methods: It is very annoying for anyone to invade your personal space all in the name of pursuing a debt. This said, you can ask the agency to contact you in the ways you find comfortable and professional. This will definitely help you be less stressed and will enable you to concentrate on repaying the debt.

As seen, there are debt collector guidelines that govern debt collection. You do not need to go through hell to pay a debt since even as a debtor, you have rights! Find out more at HTTP://WWW.DEBTMEDIATORS.COM.AU/DEBT-ARTICLES/HOW-TO-DEAL-WITH-DEBT-COLLECTORS/.

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