Mouth to body connection: Can poor oral health cause other health issues?

Tooth decay, cavities, and other dental problems are not the only reasons why you should take care of your oral health. The mouth is one of the primary entryways to the body, so bad oral health can also negatively affect the entire body. Once the bacteria enter through the mouth, it can easily get into the bloodstream, causing inflammation and infection wherever it spreads.

This is another reason why you should regularly visit your dentist. The dentists at can help prevent you from developing dental problems.

Here are just some of the most common health problems caused by poor oral health.

Cardiovascular disease

Did you know that bad oral health puts you more at risk for heart disease? The periodontal disease-causing bacteria can potentially get into the bloodstream. This may cause atherosclerosis where plaque builds up and harden in the arteries. This is a very serious condition as it can lead to heart blockages and blood flow problems, increasing your likelihood of experiencing a heart attack. The ensuing damage on the blood vessels and arteries can cause hypertension, as well as increases the risk for strokes. And it gets worse. You are also at risk of developing endocarditis, a potentially fatal condition that can occur when the heart’s lining gets infected.


Another part of the body that can get affected by bad oral health is the brain. The substances released by inflamed gums can kill your brain cells, leading to loss of memory. It may be hard to believe, but gingivitis can cause dementia and even Alzheimer’s disease when the bacteria enters the bloodstream or spreads to the different nerve channels.

Pregnancy complications

The dentists at Manly Wharf Dental encourage expectant mothers to take extra good care of their oral health throughout their pregnancy. This is because pregnant women are more likely to develop oral infections due to hormonal changes in the body. Dental health problems in pregnant women, such as gingivitis and periodontitis, have been linked to low birth weight and premature birth of infants.


People with diabetes are more prone to a gum infection which often leads to periodontal disease. But that’s not the worst of it. Diabetes is more difficult to control when a person has periodontal disease. The symptoms can worsen as the body’s sugar levels get out of control due to the gum disease. Diabetics need to take extra good care of their oral health to prevent any complications with their illness. Gum disease causes blood sugar levels to spike higher than normal. So even if you don’t have diabetes, you are at an increased risk of developing this disease if you have poor oral health.

Aside from those mentioned above, the other health conditions poor oral health can potentially cause include infertility, cancer, kidney disease, erectile dysfunction, and respiratory infections. Regular visits to the dentist can help identify and treat dental problems before they get any worse.

Manly Wharf Dental is committed to providing only the best dental care for all ages. Their experienced and friendly team of dental care professionals are more than happy to help you and your family maintain the best oral health possible. For a complete list of the services they offer, you can check out their website at

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What to Look for In an Elderly Care Facility

Melbourne has made it to the top of the most livable cities in the world several times because of the high quality of life that the city offers, even with its high population. The various suburbs from Toorak to Hawthorn to Armadale provide world-class shopping, business environments and cultural activities for inhabitants, regardless of age. With the first-rate ageing care centres in the city, there are no restrictions to how long you can enjoy the good life in Melbourne. For instance, you can find suitable facilities for aged care Toorak has available if you live around there or a loved one wants to spend the remainder of his/her days in the region. However, how do you know which rest homes provide what you need?

Services Provided

Before you even make that first visit to an aged care centre, know if it caters to your demands. Rest homes have different types of services, ranging from disability care to in-home packages. Knowing the things that matter in an elder care facility allows you to narrow down your choices when searching for aged care Hawthorn has to offer. If a senior has a chronic illness, you can focus on the facilities that offer full-time medical attention for residents. Consider any special needs of a prospective resident like speech therapy and physiotherapy. Write down all the essentials needed like if an individual needs help walking, taking medication and so on.

Make a Visit

Once you have found the most appropriate aged care Toorak can provide or at least have narrowed down the options, visit the facilities. That first impression of an elder care home can tell you a lot that will sway your decision either way. For one, you can look at the amenities available. Check if there is a social centre where residents meet for interaction. Ask about the exercise facilities provided. What do the grounds look like? Is it peaceful enough? These questions will help you isolate the best alternatives. During this visit, find out about the entry requirements and restrictions. Learn about the food given to residents and what happens to someone with special dietary needs. By looking at the residents’ behaviour, you can tell if they are happy at the care facility. Learn about the pet policies in case a loved one wants familiar company. Touring the grounds before picking an Armadale aged care home for your relative is a chance to see how the staff works. The interaction between workers and residents can say a great deal.


Whether you are searching for an elder care centre in Ashburton, Hawthorn or Armadale, the location has to be convenient. It doesn’t help to pay for an ageing facility where family members can’t visit as much as they like because it is too far. For this reason, rest homes with multiple branches are the best. For instance, a centre that has an Ashburton aged care location and another one in Toorak means that you can pick the most suitable and enjoy the reputation of the same entity. A senior may still want to visit her/his local social club, church, or attend community events even when living in an elder care centre. Ask about the access to transportation or any arrangements that the home makes in case a resident wants to go out. Don’t forget to factor in security when deciding between the aged care Toorak offers. The safety that a facility itself provides will matter as well. For more information

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Important Information on Why you Need Regular Skin Check

Since it is the largest organ of the body, the skin is exposed to various conditions that may affect your overall health. However, like any other organ of the body, the skin deserves regular checkup to ensure that it remains free of any conditions that may lead to sun damage or skin cancer. Regular skin check is the first step to locate anything that may go wrong with your skin.

By taking regular skin check, you can be in a better position to discover the signs of sun damage before they can become serious. In Brisbane, you can doskin check in certified clinics with experienced dermatologists. The professionals from a skin cancer clinic Brisbane has to offer have adequate diagnostic equipments to detect whether your skin has a problem or not. In essence, skin checks conducted by experienced skin experts can help you to understand your own skin and help you identify if something new or strange takes place on your skin.

Checks should be done regularly

The more you perform skin checks, the higher your chances of discovering if there is something wrong with your skin. Experts for skin check Brisbane has to offer have deep knowledge and experience in detecting underlying skin problems. Skin problems, if detected earlier enough, can be treated effectively than if they are left until they become unmanageable.

In addition to conducting skin checks at the beginning of every season, it is important to visit reliable skin cancer doctors Brisbane has to offer for a thorough checkup. You make skins checks part of your normal health checkup. If you notice any change in your skin during the checks, it is advisable to tell your doctor as soon as possible. All the same, many people still find it difficult to choose the right skin clinic for their skin problems. If you are faced with a decision to choose a clinic for skin check Brisbane has to offer, here are some things to consider.

Ensure the clinic is registered by health authorities

A registered facility will provide the services for which it is licensed. When you are looking for a skin clinic, it is important to visit a clinic that specializes in skin treatment only, not any other general health practitioners. Qualification for being a skin specialist means the person spent quality time training both in theory and in practical classes. Only clinics with qualified practitioners can be registered to conduct skin treatments.

Ensure the clinic has qualified doctors

Before you sign up for any skin care services, it is important to know the quality of service you will receive from the facility. Reliable clinics for skin care services should have qualified experts that can handle any type of skin condition from sun burn, acne, to skin cancer. With qualified experts on board, you can get professional service from diagnosis to treatment.

If you are in Brisbane and you need experts in skin care, it is time to consult with relevant clinics in Brisbane to receive the care and treatment you need. For more information about skin care services in Brisbane, visit

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