Get the Best Dog Walking Service in Sydney

These days we are all so busy. Either we are working, taking the kids somewhere, in classes or doing some dolly errands. At times, it can become a bit overwhelming to take care of the regular daily responsibilities. We barely have time for our little canine friends. After everything else we are too tired to take a half hour to walk our best friend, our beloved dogs. Instead of that walk we open up the doggy door and think letting them run in the yard will satisfy their exercise needs. With Salty Dawg, Dog Walker and Trainer Sydney has today, you can now kill two birds with a single stone. Give your doggy the best exercises by a professional trainer and give yourself enough time to focus on other activities.

By nature, dogs are always used to walking around and socializing around. They are high energy pets. For them to be healthy and happy, they need regular walking and exercises. Dogs are also predisposed to want to learn as much as their brain allows for because they are highly intelligent. Inactivity bores them to death and breeds antisocial behavior. They may withdraw or become too aggressive, even towards the owner.

This is where training comes in. Getting a professional dog walker satisfies that instinctual need to roam with the pack. Salty Dawg, Dog Walker and Trainer Sydney has is a recommended business for the services your dog so desperately craves.

There are more benefits to hiring a regular dog walker. Dogs that get regular cardiovascular exercise live longer and are much healthier. Having a Salty Dawg, Dog Walker and Trainer Sydney has today allows your pet to also socialize with other dogs. Your beloved pet will get picked up in a nice cozy air conditioned van. The seats have been made to accommodate animals. There will never be more than 4 dogs per walker.

Your best friend will either get shorter 25 minute walk all the way to a half day at the nearby Beach or a day on the farm. Exercise times vary depending on the breeds, age and health. Salty Dawg Dog walkers are trained to know how much exercise your individual pet needs! Just as insufficient exercise can be detrimental to your pets’ health, too much can lead to dehydration. The Salty Dawg dog walkers are always up-to-date on the latest pet care techniques and always have plenty of water on hand so your dogs never get dehydrated.

Along with dog walking services, Salty Dawg also offers a dog training. Sydney, Australia may have multiple dog walkers and trainers but you deserve the best you can get. Salty Dawg offers in home training, too! They give your pets a natural environment where they can learn as much as possible.

Using the Victorian Alpha Canine Group’s method of training, utilizing a reward and praise system you will develop better communication between you and your dog. Let the best trainers in Sydney make your relationship with your canine friend one that you remember forever.

Along with the dog walking and training services, you can also get daycare and other behaviour modification techniques besides basic training. With a full day on a farm where they can roam freely within the safety of a fence surrounding 5 acres, your pet will be tired when he gets home from his long day with friends. There will be no more chewed up shoes and garbage cans knocked over.

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Benefits of Registering your Dog to a Walking and Training Program

Dogs have grown to become the most loved and cherished pets. The roots of relationship between humans and dogs can be traced centuries ago when they were domesticated for hunting, herding, and protection. Currently, they are man’s best friend due to their ability to respond to commands and provide company. There are several breeds, each of them bred for a specific purpose. To be frank the hard task that dogs used to accomplish thousands of years have significantly reduced. This exposes the companion animal to diseases due to lack of exercise. A good pet care company such as Dog walkers & Trainers Sydney - Salty Dawg will be able to help you out accordingly.

     Advantages of Dog walking and Training

Health and happiness

Modern dogs do not need to worry about their next meal since it is provided to them; they do not need to fight for their survival. They spend most of their time chained and alone. This interferes with their mental inactivity. Professional pet sitters understand different strategies of keeping the dogs active during the entire day, hence boosting their mental health. A good training program boosts their general health and keeps them happy.

Discipline boosting

Obviously, a dog that spends most of its day alone and idle is likely to develop inappropriate behaviours. Contracting a reputable trainer to walk and train the dog is an effective strategy of streamlining its behaviour. During the training sessions, it is likely to interact with other dogs and develop social skills. At the end of either the training or walking sessions, the dog is tired, hence can relax effectively.

Positive response to commands

Investing in professional dog coaching at an early stage of the dog’s life is an effective strategy of boosting both its social and communication skills. Think of owning a dog that responds to command effectively. Pursuing leisure activities including hiking and bike riding with such a dog becomes an amazing experience.

Imagine a scenario whereby the dog has developed a habit of barking in the middle of the night. The barking will interrupt sleep and make the house inappropriate for relaxation for the owner, his or her family, and even neighbors. Experienced pet care companies such as Dog walkers & Trainers Sydney – Salty Dawg can design a training program that addresses the needs of your dog.

A company that has enough trained personnel, equipment, and infrastructures can offer wide range of dog walk services.

Local park walk

This entails walking the dog around a park that is located near its area of residence. The walk may last for a period of between 50 minutes and two hours. Before the pet has mastered the terrain, it is controlled by use of a leash.

Mountainous region trips

After the dog has mastered all the verbal commands, the professional can tour with it in different mountainous regions. When covering large distance, the expert can use a bike to lead the dog as it trails closely behind.

Beach trips

The beach is an ideal place for the dog to exercise and boost its swimming skills. Reputable pet care companies such as Dog walkers & Trainers Sydney – Salty Dawg provide excellent beach trips. Dog owners can log into their site for more details.

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What to do with your pet while on a vacation

Pets in most cases receive the last invitation message when it comes to traveling. This lonely environment can affect the entire health of your pet, both physically and emotionally. During the pre-vacation hustle and bustle, one of the major decisions you need to make is where to take the pet. While you are away, you need to ensure that your cat is happy as well. In addition to involving reliable experts for cat boarding Sydney has to offer, consider the following options:

Hire a pet sitter

Using a pet sitter is one way to fuse the personals with professionals. Many pets, especially cats, feel free and comfortable while in a company of someone. Therefore, hiring a certified pet sitter to attend to your pet is an important step to ensure that your pet is safe in your absence. Make an agreement with your preferred sitter on periods to visit your home. The professional should offer feeds, walking time, and playing time in a solid option. Alternatively, you can let the sitter free to stay in your home for the duration of your vacation to keep your pet company.

Practice in-home pet boarding

Unlike pet sitting where the professional attends to your animal in your home, here you take your pet to a pet sitter’s home before living on vacation. Home boarding gives your pet opportunity to interact with others under good supervision of the professional. As experts for cat boarding in Sydney suggest, this service is affordable than hiring a pet sitter to your home. In addition, it offers that security of not exposing your home properties to other people. For pet owners who want to go for their first time vacation, before selecting any method to accompany your pet, it is advisable to contact reliable experts for Sydney cat boarding to take you through their pros and cons.

Practice traditional boarding

This is placing the pet in a boarding kennel or catteries while you are away. If you choose to use this method, it is advisable to call ahead in advance and ensure that it has pet care association certification and licensing of the caretakers. For your cats, choose a facility where they do not get into contact with each to prevent untimely mating and fighting. On that regard, reliable experts for cat boarding Sydney has to offer provide good facilities that enhances proper health of your pet.

Take the pet to a trusted friend

If you cannot afford to pay for pet sitting and other methods, it is advisable to take your pet to a friend to take care of it during your vacation period. You should confirm that this person is responsible and knowledgeable on the basics of pet care. However, while doing this, keep in mind that the pet does not mark a new territory, as that can fade up its friendship with you. In addition, when you are back, remember to bring your friend some gifts for taking care of your four-legged family member.

You can get more information on reliable companies for cat boarding Sydney has to offer at

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A Quick Note on Cat Traps

One of the major challenges that any community faces is that from feral cats. Feral cats are those cats that never had a contact with humans and hence, unlike their domestic counterparts, they are untamed, at times wild and ferocious towards humans. At the same time, as these are untamed there are no birth control measures in place for these cats. They tend to reproduce at a higher rate thereby increasing the number of feral cats manifold. It is hence, required that these cats are trapped using cat traps after seeking permissions from relevant authorities, being neutered and then returned back to the community.

The Different Types of Traps

There are various types of cat traps available in the market today. The most commonly used ones being the spring door cat trap, the Super trap and the standard fox trap meant to trap the stray cats which are not only big  but also ferocious in nature. Depending on certain factors these different types of traps are put to use for the purpose of trapping feral, stray as well as domestic cats.

Spring door cat trap is the most commonly used form of the trap as it allows ease of placing the bait or removing the cat once it is trapped. Working on the simple principle of foot pedal mechanism, these traps are ideal for catching cats by means of bait. The bait is usually placed at the far end of the trap and as the cat enters the trap to eat the bait, it steps on the foot paddle that closes the spring door behind the cat, thereby entrapping it within the cage of the trap.

The Super cat trap works on the similar principle as that of a spring door cat trap, the only difference being that these are large sized cages that can accommodate cats of fairly large sizes.

Tips for Trapping

There are certain guidelines that need to be followed while setting a cat trap so that the trapped animal does not face any sort of inconvenience. The trap is to be placed in an area where it is not exposed to direct sunlight or rains as these could cause inconvenience to the trapped animal. The traps should be placed in areas, which are most frequently visited by the cats. If you place a cat trap at one corner of the courtyard or room, then chances are very high that the animal will not even go anywhere close to it and hence it will not get trapped no matter how lucrative a bait is used.

When it comes to selecting food for the bait, it is recommended that smelly food is used so that it lures the cat towards the trap very easily. Canned mackerel is found to be extremely useful as a bait material.

The cat traps that are available on the market are usually made of strong metal wires that give them the rigidity and anti-collapsible features. This ensures that the trapped animal is not hurt by any means. The intention to trap the cat is not to hurt it, but to catch it for its own well being.

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Preparing for Pet Boarding in Brisbane

One of the options pet owners have when it comes to leaving their pets behind on a trip is leaving them with well-meaning, but untrained friends or relatives. However, the results are most often unsatisfactory. Leaving your pets with such part-time custodians can easily lead to frequent illness attacks and escapes. Some of the reasons for such negative experiences are due to the lack of knowledgeable and reliable supervision. To ensure that your pet is safe and secure, consider hiring the services of a Brisbane cat motel, if you are here in Australia.

brisbane cat motel

Pet motels allow your pet to enjoy a happy boarding experience and allow you to concentrate on what you are dealing with knowing that your pet is provided with the best pet care possible. However, it is imperative that you and your pet are well prepared for the change. Listed below are critical points that will help you be prepared.

Make Reservations Early

During vacation times and on holidays, most cat and dog motel facilities are fully booked. Waiting until the last minute to make reservations is likely to leave you disappointed. When making reservations, ensure that you have a list of all the items that may be required for your pet. Some of the items include:

  • Immunization records
  • Special food
  • Medication
  • Bedding
  • Toys

Ensure that you put in place plans for individual services that you think should be performed during your pet’s stay in a kennel. Some of the services you should enquire about include shipping, training and grooming. Remember to verify the payment methods acceptable (money orders, personal checks, or credit cards) by the Brisbane cat motel.

Pet Preparation for Boarding

Remember your pet, like humans, appreciates a break in a new environment with new friends. Once your dog has become familiar with new surroundings, he or she can have an exciting, marvelous time, just like summer camp for kids. Adult cats, on the other hand, seem inclined to sit and quietly observe the daily luxury cat accommodation routine.

Before taking your pet to the kennel facility, ensure that you do not over feed it. Extra food is not necessary and can lead to an upset stomach. Finally, since your pet can sense and reflect your emotions, it is critical that you do not let family members exhibit an emotional farewell scene. Your pet can become unnecessarily anxious about visiting the kennel, and this can result in some form of dramatic display.

Check-In During Business Hours

Some of the things kennel operators need to know include your name, residence address, phone number, date of return, additional services you consider important and how to reach you in case of an emergency. All this and more information will ensure that the operators are better able to take care of your pet. Do not be surprised if a luxury dog accommodation operator asks you to leave your dog at the office rather than placing the dog in the run immediately. This allows your dog to realize that you trust the operator to take care of him or her.

Relax and Enjoy Your Trip

Remember, you are leaving your pet in the hand of capable professionals. Brisbane cat motel (and dog) at Acacia Ridge Pet Resort offers your pets more attention and care than they receive at home.

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