Get the Best Dog Walking Service in Sydney

These days we are all so busy. Either we are working, taking the kids somewhere, in classes or doing some dolly errands. At times, it can become a bit overwhelming to take care of the regular daily responsibilities. We barely have time for our little canine friends. After everything else we are too tired to take a half hour to walk our best friend, our beloved dogs. Instead of that walk we open up the doggy door and think letting them run in the yard will satisfy their exercise needs. With Salty Dawg, Dog Walker and Trainer Sydney has today, you can now kill two birds with a single stone. Give your doggy the best exercises by a professional trainer and give yourself enough time to focus on other activities.

By nature, dogs are always used to walking around and socializing around. They are high energy pets. For them to be healthy and happy, they need regular walking and exercises. Dogs are also predisposed to want to learn as much as their brain allows for because they are highly intelligent. Inactivity bores them to death and breeds antisocial behavior. They may withdraw or become too aggressive, even towards the owner.

This is where training comes in. Getting a professional dog walker satisfies that instinctual need to roam with the pack. Salty Dawg, Dog Walker and Trainer Sydney has is a recommended business for the services your dog so desperately craves.

There are more benefits to hiring a regular dog walker. Dogs that get regular cardiovascular exercise live longer and are much healthier. Having a Salty Dawg, Dog Walker and Trainer Sydney has today allows your pet to also socialize with other dogs. Your beloved pet will get picked up in a nice cozy air conditioned van. The seats have been made to accommodate animals. There will never be more than 4 dogs per walker.

Your best friend will either get shorter 25 minute walk all the way to a half day at the nearby Beach or a day on the farm. Exercise times vary depending on the breeds, age and health. Salty Dawg Dog walkers are trained to know how much exercise your individual pet needs! Just as insufficient exercise can be detrimental to your pets’ health, too much can lead to dehydration. The Salty Dawg dog walkers are always up-to-date on the latest pet care techniques and always have plenty of water on hand so your dogs never get dehydrated.

Along with dog walking services, Salty Dawg also offers a dog training. Sydney, Australia may have multiple dog walkers and trainers but you deserve the best you can get. Salty Dawg offers in home training, too! They give your pets a natural environment where they can learn as much as possible.

Using the Victorian Alpha Canine Group’s method of training, utilizing a reward and praise system you will develop better communication between you and your dog. Let the best trainers in Sydney make your relationship with your canine friend one that you remember forever.

Along with the dog walking and training services, you can also get daycare and other behaviour modification techniques besides basic training. With a full day on a farm where they can roam freely within the safety of a fence surrounding 5 acres, your pet will be tired when he gets home from his long day with friends. There will be no more chewed up shoes and garbage cans knocked over.